Thursday, December 31, 2015

Some Thoughts On Justice League 3001 #7

I wonder if this cover was drawn in advance before they decided to kill all the males off? I swore I saw this with a different solicitation many months ago before they announced it was going all female. Was Wonder Woman initially set to die?

Batman is predictably killed off to make way for another arrogant descendent with prodigal tech skills. Yawn...

Hal and Barry are killed off as well. That probably means Hal's sinister ties to Takron-Galtos's justice system and Barry's mental state as alluded to some issues ago are a no go.

Beetle and Booster are missing, which means they have time to come back as the occasional male allies non-teammates if Giffen/Dematteis can ever stop to find a plot for them.

Cadmus confirmed destroyed along with all its DNA banks. Does that mean Firestorm and Terry Magnus are dead once and for all like the rest of the DNA files or was it destroyed before the Scullion battle back before Guy was created on the cheap?

Speaking of Guy, good thing they acknowledged the slap to Ice's face is out of character. That moment does scream of an outraged, emotional mother type that Guy was overwritten on to. I predict that character will completely over write Guy by the end of the arch. It doesn't make sense to keep his conscious around as the token male voice in an all girl team as much as Giffen and Dematteis like to write him.

Something tells me that the Injustice League plot will either die or fester into something rushed and anticlimatic much as Zeus and his New Gods was aborted before it was even written in, which means Darkseid will also be dropped. Good.

Diana and Teri are becoming closer friends, which will give Fire and Ice competition or contrast.

Art by Chris Batista was too stretchy for my tastes. Colleen Doran last issue was better. Scott Kolins in the next issues will do. I like his sparse, bright, cartoony approach though it will contrast with the crowded, dirty future created by Howard Porter. I'm not that big of fan of Porter, but he was superior on this title than he ever was on JLA in the 90's. For all his ugly characters, they had expressive quality and his layouts were creative. I hope someday Kevin Maguire's first issue art sees the light of day above all, but that's all in the past.