Saturday, October 29, 2016

Missed The Record Swap So I Went Shopping At The Mall

After the write in, I went shopping and got two cool things that sort of makes up for missing the last record swap meet.

My first purchase was at the Sleeping Tiger import store where I got a print of Mick Jagger talking to Ed Sullivan while Keith Richards looks on, arms crossed looking reserved and rather cute. He's also wearing pinstripes and I'm mad gangster for those. It cost $3.99, so no big loss. I figure I mine as well make it official since my sister won't stop pestering me about our secret relationship. I mean if I'm all defensive about him, but all shy, embarrassed and in denial about it, it must be true, right? Anyway I found that this same print sold on ebay for $14.99 + $4.99 shipping so I made out.

At all the previous record shows I was already scraping the bottom of barrel of availability and budget. Needless to say I was never going to find any Small Faces/Faces LP's not credited to Rod Stewart only. I have many of those, but today that all changed when I went to FYE where they always have overpriced vinyl reissues. My sister found me First Step discounted from $24.99 to $19.99. I ended up buying it making it the most expensive record I've ever bought, beating out Truth, Rough And Ready, and Beck, Bogert & Appice at $5 each. Yikes. Well anyway the record itself is orange color, which is tacky, but alright whatever and long as it plays.

An older guy notices I'm holding it and he tries to step to me with his old man hipster act. "Oh The Small faces with Rod Stewart, well that's a good album, but I liked them with that other guy." You know trying to slyly call me a poser without coming out and saying it.

"You mean Steve Marriott," I said. "I like him and Rod."

Then the conversation goes on where he talks about Steve's stage presence and the scarcity of their live shows and I'm all, well it's not a concert, but I have a burnt copy of their BBC selections from Ogden's Nut Gone Flake performance on dvd, you can find some of those clips on youtube if you do a search. Well by the end of it he told me to take care having finally been convinced of my Small Faces fan credentials in spite the fact that I appear to be a short, greasy, ugly, androgynous female sixteen year old. In fact I'm all those things, but sixteen and female. So anyone who tells you Comic Book fans will quiz ya for being born with the wrong genitalia, well Rock fans are exactly the same.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Review For Flash #9 And Flash Episode 4 The New Rogues

This was a great week for me in The Flash department. A great Flash episode with a competent Barry outsmarting the Mirror Master who've I've been wanting on the show since day one, forever annoyed the first series done it and the new series was dragging it's feet. I not a fan of Top being Mirror Masters girlfriend since I'll always associate Top with Golden Glider, but since they already botched that and had Glider be interested in Cisco, whatever. This Top also reminds me more of Golden Glider than the Golden Glider they cast as well. She just has that fun, gleeful vibe to her. Maybe that's just me. I'm not keen with either being metas, but that complaint left the station when they did it to Weather Wizard first season. I also thought it weird that this Mirror Master had an accent (which I don't think resembles a real world one) even though he was Scudder and not McCulloch who I could understand having an actor do a botch Scottish accent, but no excuses for Scudder whose traditionally States. There was a blink you'll miss it mention of Earth-2 McCulloch who gets mirror gun, but I'd have preffered main Earth Mirror Master had one.

Most importantly this week was the comic. In Flash #9, the two Wally's meet, we get the confirmation that young Wally's father is in fact Daniel West/Reverse Flash who've I've suspected for awhile. I don't know if this is new information since Barry knew as I didn't read most of the crappy previous run.

There's so much to unpack with this issue. I can't get into all of it, but each scene and dialogue was smartly paced and written.

I'm not going to go detail by detail, but Iris gets flowers from a secret admirer who unlike Barry knows they're her favorite flowers. The two Wally's meet. A possessed Barry reveals that Daniel West is young Wally's father. Chunk cameos. Older Wally reveals to Barry that Abracadabra's behind his disappearance. Older Wally is the one who's been sending the flowers as gratitude and knowing he can't reveal himself to her yet. Barry suspects there's more at work and that the culprit is bound to return to the scene of the crime. Barry sees one vision he wasn't supposed to see while he was possessed. Jay Garrick's helmet, y'all!!! And that vision filled Barry with hope!

I'll admit the issue made me emotional and not just because there's the hope that we'll get a proper reunion between Jay and the Flash family and perhaps more Justice Society members in other books. Please let Alan meet Simon and Jessica. Please. If not reunite with Hal and Kyle.


"You would never understand! My parents were taken from me…But you two…Both of you were abandoned by your parents. They left you." - possessed Barry

(I promise Barry's not all angsty except here.)

"Iris didn't just introduce me to you, Barry…She got me out of that house…Iris saved my life. The least I can do is give her flowers." -Wally