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Justice League 3001 #6 Preview & Interview

A preview for Justice League 3001, the only DC title I read in floppy any more with a following interview from co-writer Keith Giffen.

Preview & Interview Here

Some thoughts from the interview:

I love this title, even when I don't always agree with the choices they make, which I'll get to later. It is one of the few books out there where I can compare it to old comics I've read in my younger days (and reprints) without it being an out of context comparison of a dead continuity. Here's a universe where The Silver Age-Bronze Age and Post-Crisis can exist at the whim of the writers. Fingers crossed that The Golden Age makes its way in even if it can only be done through the Big Five, Superman, Batman, Aquaman (missing), Green Arrow (missing) and Wonder Woman. I'd love for some indication that this Universe had their own JSA, Freedom Fighters, Fawcett City and anything else from that publication era if the writers should choose instead of giving into to the nonsense of embargoing those vast characters onto separate Earths exclusively.

I'm glad to finally read a Supergirl that seems like Supergirl. The determined, do what it takes type who has an honor code but is still has her patience tested amongst thick people. I feel like those traits got passed onto Power Girl who had her own traits and issues that didn't always mesh with those. Off topic they then had to make every subsequent Supergirl a whiny, angst-ridden, jerk with identity issues to make her the anti-Power Girl which is dumb because Peej absorbed a lot of original Supergirl's traits. This of course wouldn't be the first time a legacy stole the traits of their inspiration with the various Robins and Batgirls borrowing each others personalities, costumes and backstory. The Wonder Woman cast of course got the worst of it with Donna siphoning all of Diana's compassion and romance among a lot of other things while the new 52 abomination calling itself Donna steals Diana's origin and craps on it while DINO (Diana In Name Only) stole Cassie's already derivative and boring origin.

I'm glad the Guy thing is getting addressed and that he is only default female (to go with the all-themed team) because of his host taking over gradually and not because of him. I say this as a trans-male, if a body switch cliche had to happen at least they're going down this route to explain Guy's out of character traits rather than blaming hormones which I thought was a commentary on Guy's stupidity more than the writer's assumed lack of research.

As a disclaimer I was reading this book back when it was Justice League 3000 before the Guy debacle. It both annoyed and amused me that the one book I read became a hotbed for trans issues being one myself. I was reading a book for characters I liked not scrutinize the impossible setting. Of course the idea of overwriting your DNA down to gender sounds fascinating to me as someone put off by the long term expense of hormones and getting the surgery to fix something that can't be truly be fixed so long as I have this body. I can't say I care to have any trans-representation if the writer's thoughts weren't in it to be honest. I'm also not going to count out explorations of gender just because it doesn't line up with the scientific reality of transitioning. The book's setting is in an alternate 3001 where fantastical science such as mind to body swapping (as what happened to Lois and Ariel) or ghost genetics (which has no basis in reality) happen regularly. To then introduce a trans-character who has to go through the real life process would seem jarring or hand waved as a class issue which brings a whole other issue. It begs the question which is the more convenient route for the trans person? Which is legal? Which is more expensive in the long run? In the short run? Which puts you more at a health risk? A person more close the subject at hand could write a psychological story around this premise. Maybe that will be me someday even if the hard science snobs were to dismiss the pulpy premise. Fantastical super-science is just a window dressing and a means to explore things we'll never figure out in 986 years hence.

Also what a shame they can't make a Wonder Woman romance happen because she's just too badass and one of the guys for it to work. Seriously she's one of the better written Wondie's in comics currently. They not only give her moments to shine and be inspirational, they also steer into the skid when it comes to her sexuality and violent antics without making it gratuitous or disgusting or do it half-assed to make her demure and virginal at the same time to make her safe. In regards to possible romances, I'd have liked to see her with Hal Jordan or Barry Allen and be the Big Barda to their Mr. Miracle, but alas nobody can really make badass women romances unless said badass woman is an established wife or mother like Mera. Why else has Black Canary failed to click romantically with anyone not Oracle post-crisis? Back in the Silver Age her and Ollie worked, but enough retcons and modern times work against that now.

I hate to be that guy but:

Oh great new Batgirl, the bratty teenager is also another superhero bloodline legacy, two character types I can't stand. I knew they had to introduce blood legacies eventually but of course it had to be Bruce Wayne's who sires some of the worst superheroes. This means of course everyone else will eat Tina up like they did two other heroes I won't dishonorably mention who've worn out their welcome. Hopefully Tina's just a nuisance (though her teenage status prevents her from getting punched in the face Guy Gardner style sigh...) and not a pet character that will make me drop this book fast.

If this Harley Quinn is another bloodline legacy, I call shenanigans. Why does it have to be a blood dynasty thing? Why is it hard to think an unrelated person would idol worship someone else to the extent of roleplaying that person or to reinterpret the motif into your own? If it sounds crazy then that would be another reason to take a villain identity. However, if she's supposed to be sane then it worked for Ted Kord too and Hal and Barry depending on the continuity.

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