Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Why Nate Heywood When You Have A Vast Library Of Better Characters?

The one unsolvable conundrum. Why are we supposed to care about Nate Heywood? He's Detroit League reject, a legacy of a 1970s Captain America expy with superstrength backdated into World War II and no matter how many time they try to make Steel a thing and happen by putting him in All-Star Squadron, or a modern Justice Society comic, or on Legends Of Tomorrow he leaves me cold. I mean I know I don't like Infinity Inc. characters, or most of  the Justice Society legacies they came up with in the 90′s, but they still could have picked anyone, but Nate, who's identity should have been left for use for John Henry Irons in Supergirl.

Honestly they could have given us anyone else new this season that would have served his function while being infinitely more interesting. They want a legacy that can bond with Vixen, they could have had Stargirl modern and retroactive in the past, they could have used Cyclone and introduced us Ma Hunkel in the past. They could have gave us Beth Chapel as the new Dr. Midnite they can make them related if they wanted to even though she's one of the rare Infinity Inc. members to not be a bloodline in the comics it'd work in the show where they play fast and loose with that stuff, Rick Tyler as Rex's grandson if they wanted a mystery there on who Rex had been involved with before getting involved with Amaya, but then that could have brought an icky Peggy/Sharon dynamic so no thanks. A Liberty Bell who's an Earth-1 Jessie Chambers, granddaughter to superheroine Liberty Bell and a normal guy named Johnny Chambers as a nice nod. A Jade who's the great-niece of Obsidian and possibly an improvement on the very lacking comic version. Fury who like Steel is a backdated golden age legacy, but could have given us some Amazonian plots and would work nice as an historian character. They could have retooled Silver Scarab, Nuklon (Atom Smasher being confusing), Jakeem Thunder, Amazing Man (another backdated golden age character with more interesting powers).

Anyone and they could have done something interesting with these I.P.'s DC can't be bothered to anything with, but to fill a trademark. They could have given us a toned down Dr. Fate, The Spectre, Johnny Thunder and reinvented them. This is thinking of the characters not used before like Black Canary, Wildcat, Mr. Terrific, Sand, Atom Smasher, Jay Garrick, Jessie Quick, Atom, the Hawks who are traditionally associated with the Society. Wonder Woman and Green Lantern of any kind is of course a no go.

They could have gone anywhere else more interesting than what we got with Nate as another hunky white guy with a generic Captain America aesthetic with none of the charm.

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