Friday, February 5, 2016

A Preview Of Things I've Bought At The Record Show

Hopefully I'll get to reviewing other things on this blog, like my stash of records I bought at the Record Show. Nothing amazing, I got a couple of Rod Stewart's, Cat Stevens, Spooky Tooth, Glenn Miller, Count Basie and some miscellaneous Jazz compilations.

I got a DVD of Ronnie Wood's pre-New Barbarians band and New Barbarians. I had full intentions of watching it with my mom, but she never got well and it's too late. I bought this over The Yardbirds video collection and the 1965 NME concert which is glaringly missing The Yardbirds.

When looking through the dollar bin where I got all my records, I happened upon an album I didn't buy by Esther Phillips featuring the guitar work of Joe Beck! Who is this guy? Is he any good as Jeff? Should have found out, but my budget made me put back a few things. To Youtube!

Speaking of Jeff, I saw Rough And Ready which my dad has on cd if I really wanted to borrow it and Beck, Bogert, Appice which he does not. Both were five dollars. There's always next time.

I didn't find the 8 dollar Bowie promo I saw back in June of last year. Should have gotten it then. With his death all his records were super inflated, ranging from $60-80. Death means profit in any artistic business. I think there's a Dick Van Dyke movie about that concept.

My dad picked out some cd's from another vendor, Spencer Davis Group, Rory Gallagher and others I can't remember, one of them I think was a Band or Robbie Robertson cd for mom before we knew how terminal she was. This was in the short period of time where we thought the cancer side affects were from Hepatitis C (she did clean out my brother's room last summer, dirty needles, vomit and all while he was in jail) or something else. He can't listen to music with her gone now and has been on a PBS, NPR funk.

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